Sunday, March 22, 2009

Been busy!

Sigh....such a busy week! I haven't made a card at all this past week. I had two "from the state" visitors to my room Thursday, and Wednesday I went in early afternoon to make sure everything was all prepped and ready. Visit/observation went well, but I do major stressing before these things! I did go back and try and start a card, but I knew with my state of mind I was not going to be happy with anything! Yesterday I went to a scrapbook crop for a good chunk of the day...and made eight pages!! This is the first I've touched that book in about 1 1/2 years!!! Now...I don't get all fancy and add tons to my pages...I've too many pictures to do the "one per page" thing! I use the books and materials from Creative Memories, mostly. I did take along several stamped images that I colored...oh, just was due this evening for a challenge! Guess I won't enter that one!

Today was very beautiful, and I worked in the yard from 1:00 until about 8:00pm. Definitely got my exercise!! Picked up branches and twigs from the front yard, and carried to back to the brush pile. Only did one side of the yard. The mowing will start in just a few weeks, and I'm trying to get ready! Decided that it was not too breezy and worked on burning the brush pile. I also burned out the weeds in my veggie garden area. We try not to use many if any yard chemicals (except for on poison ivy!) and I don't do too well with keeping weeds away. We have a thistle problem and I have to be sure I have my leather gloves on when pulling!

The picture is from mid April back in 2006...



Michelle said...

OMG! That picture made me gasp! I LOVE LOVE LOVE tulips! Those are absolutely gorgeous!!

Jackie said...

What a nice pic of those beautiful flowers! tfs!!!