Thursday, January 3, 2013

12 For 12

Back in January 2012 I said that one of my goals for the year was to run a race each month, hence the 12 for 12. Somehow, many times during the last weekend of the month, I was able to get a race in for the month. Some of the races and events I have written blogs about, but not all. So rather than trying to remember is a little photo montage of most of those other races.

On April 28th, I ran the Cardinal Greenway 6k. Made it back to the car right before a storm hit. No picture from this race.'t believe I never did a blog post on my first ever 1/2 marathon! My other goal for the year was to run a half, which I expected to be September. Did that one but this ended up being first. This was the Geist 1/2 marathon on May 19th.

2 hours 30 minutes to finish

June 30th my daughter and I walked/ran a hot and humid Fireworks 5k in Richmond, IN.

Theme it up with red, white and blue!

July 21st. Well, my first DNF. I, uh...basically passed out right at the 1/2 way point. Embarrassing.

Still a cheeser after the race. Hoping for a door prize.

August 25th, CFW in Richmond...inaugural race that was part of a 1/2 and 10k. Also got 2nd in my age group...and an exhilarating drive home with the top down on the convertible and some great songs playing on the radio.

First time to wear my running skirt at a race

September was my volunteering and my second 1/ the end of the month!

October 20th my first ever trail race. The Fall Foliage 5k at Cope Environmental Center.

Action shot!

November 3, the W.O.O.F. 5.3 mile trail race. Was able to get a friend to go along...she got 3rd female over all, and I got 1st in my age group!

Leslie and myself
Socks are a nice bright green on the backside

Thanksgiving day, a non-timed 5k Turkey Trot in New Castle.

Many Hagerstown and area people

December 1st, Frostbite 5k in a balmy 58 degrees!

Santa socks. Candy cane earrings. Be fun if you can't be fast!

What do I have planned for 2013? A lot depends upon how my foot holds up (still dealing with effects of an injury during the September 1/2 marathon). I am signed up for my first ever night race...and it is a trail race at a place I have never been. And I know there are hills! Also am signed up for a first ever 10k in March.

To help move the training along, I've signed up for #13in2013 (sign up is now open until 1/6/13) and 5 by the 5th. We'll see how this goes. Still not interested in the Indy 500 Mini or a marathon. Yet. Give me a few more years... 

One foot in front of the other,