Saturday, September 8, 2012

Volunteer Day

I am ready to sleep. Who knew that volunteering at a race was much more tiring than running one?

The PTO at the school I work at just had their first year organizing and hosting a previously established race. This was a transition year from the former beneficiary to the PTO. Even though I have run several of the Wayne County Challenge events, volunteering seemed the way to go this time.

Registration before it got busy

This little kitty and his twin entertained those of us waiting while runners finished the course. They darted back & forth across the finish line area, and up & down a nearby electric pole. At one point, I ducked under the finish chute flags to remove a kitty that decided the blue mats were a perfect spot to sit and watch the runners. Didn't want anyone tripping over him.

Kitty vantage point to view the start
They're off! 3.1 miles to go
The WWES contingent
One of my jobs today was to be at the finish line calling out the numbers of all finishers to Ann, who was writing them down. This is done as a back up to the chip timing system...just in case. It was fun as I was able to see all as they came across the finish, and to cheer for the ones I knew by name, and still clap and encourage the others. We had 305 finishers, a record for this race. Around 340-350 signed up, but it was surprising the amount of no shows.

After the last finisher crossed the line, I headed out to pick up items from the two water stops on the course (had delivered them several hours earlier). Clean-up and loaded several trucks to take items back to the elementary.
The cab is stuffed full, too
A much deeper appreciation to those that organize and run races! Way to go Western Wayne Elementary PTO officers!!

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