Friday, August 14, 2009

Modern Sugar Blvd Release

Ahh....the wonderful scent of a Chai Latte (or coffee if you like that) in the morning! A gift card to a local coffee house is a great little "thank you" to those helpers in our lives. This image is "Precious Coffee" from Modern Sugar Blvd. and will be released on Saturday.

Now, can you image opening up this card and getting a wonderful whiff of a coffee shop? MSB has fantastic new scents available in the store...I'm so looking forward to the arrival of mine! Mmmmmm.....

On this card I cut the cup wrapper from a local coffee stop. The bottom reads: Serving one of life's simple pleasures! A simple card or gift card holder for a great taste!

Enjoy your day!


Jackie said...

This is a great card Sharon...tfs!!!

Martha said...

adorable, great card.