Sunday, December 18, 2011


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Just a ramble or two as we get closer to the changing of the year.  It seems as if many people make those grand New Year Resolutions (or at least the media leads us to believe they do).  The most touted resolution: lose weight.  Watch the ads at the end of December and beginning of January.  Exercise equipment for sale…gym membership trials 50% off…"diet" foods available.

You do not need January 1st to take the first step toward a dream or to begin making positive changes in your life. You can begin today! Yes, start right now. You are more likely to stick with your goal if you begin on your own terms.

What is your dream?

When I was younger, I had several diaries.  These were the dated books that started on January 1. There was so much pressure to put something down on paper every day that often I would write, “Nothing to say but need to write.”  Then in Fourth or Fifth grade I read Harriet the Spy.  Here was a character I admired, and just loved the idea of having a “spy book” like she kept in the story.  I found an old three-ring binder, added paper, and started writing away about things that took place at school and home.  Little did I realize at the time that this could be considered journaling or writing. I just thought I was “spying”. Through the rest of elementary, middle, and beginning of high school I wrote. And somewhere in the house I still have those papers.

Writing is one of those activities that I have done off and on over the years.  Paper listens without comment or judgment to the words that need spoken. It is during the re-reads that it answers back. No guilt for not doing it every day.

Getting back to the New Year’s resolution part of things,   don’t. Start today, start next week, start mid-March.

March was a good time for me to start walking. Then later the running began. And now, people are trying to talk me into doing more than the fall half-marathon I have planned. 

It all started with the first step.

What is yours?  

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