Saturday, December 3, 2011

Frostbite 5k

Oh what fun I had at this race in Glen Miller Park in Richmond, Indiana.  The Frostbite 5k on December 3rd was the final race in the Wayne County Challenge series. I work in Wayne County, and it was fun seeing people I recognized at these races.  I did four of the eight...did not know about them until after the first two, and was injured/sick during two others.

Since this was a December race, I decided to sport a fun Santa skirt.  I was honestly surprised that there were only a few Santa hats and reindeer antlers to be found.  I had sooo many complements on my skirt, even during the race.  I talked the most ever during this run saying, "Thank you!"

I set a new PR (Woot woot!!).  Fun since I'm still at the "getting into shape" stage of things.  Time was 33:18.  There were 341 finishers and I was 236th. Here are a couple of shots right before the finish. The other runner is one year younger than my mom...managed to pass her at the very end. 

I thought it was funny that our strides were matching in these shots. 

Mid-pack for my age group... 13th out of 22.

Happy running & crafting!

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