Thursday, January 1, 2015


No New Year resolutions here. They never work out and they're always the same. Lose weight, eat better, keep the dining room table clear, etc... 

Goals I do like. They can be on-going and ever changing, short term and long term. They also don't need to have a completion date of 12-31-2015. 

I have several goals that have been started, and I will continue to improve and work on them during this year...and beyond. 


Many areas of my life need consistency (I crave routine) but the goal area I am working on is to improve my running/exercise/workout habits. There are too many days between workouts for me to see much benefit. Even though I am getting older (ack!!) there is still the ability for me to improve upon my times and pace. 
I ordered an autographed Believe journal by Lauren Fleshman (non autographed copies available on Amazon) the day after Thanksgiving. I started it soon after receiving it in the mail. There is something about physically writing down workouts that makes you want to fill in most of the blanks. 

New skills

The area being worked on for my goal is knitting. I took a class back in 2008, but didn't progress beyond the first washcloth. Last year I started helping with a knit/crochet club at school. I watched YouTube videos on beginning knitting and was able to make a simple (just knit stitch) scarf and wash cloths. Skills need to improve and make progress. 
I stopped at Michael's  and picked up some supplies to begin a hat. First one may or may not be for me, but one will go to the Warmth for Warriors project.

Personal Projects

These are things to make me happy. They don't necessarily benefit anyone other than myself. Yes, the two items above are for me, but knitting for charity will help others, and me getting a good workout in really helps my mood and attitude. A happier me benefits those around me (family). 

Writing, gardening, maybe a half marathon...goals. 

What are yours?

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